About Convenience Directions

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The Convenience Directions concept has been in place for over 15 years in the convenience store industry. What we do is very unique in that
we combine the InfoMarketing newsletter, which is mailed quarterly to over 10,000 c-store executives, with three Idea Exchange meetings.
The newsletters give sponsor companies a forum to communicate category information, new product introductions and best practices to the
industry. Retailers get great information on a variety of categories and services in a quick read format.

The Idea Exchange meetings are designed to share latest trends, best in class standards, and ideas and recommendations to drive bottom line
profits. The idea exchanges result in sponsor companies getting to know the entire senior management team of a company, understanding
what their goals and objectives are and presenting category information to the retailer. Ongoing productive relationships are
established in this setting that is difficult to replicate in any other venue.

The unique aspect for the retailer is that they get to have senior management from 20 diverse supplier companies bring them their
industry experience and make specific recommendations custom fitted to the needs of the chain. Most meetings discuss general information
which is helpful but Convenience Directions Idea Exchange meetings are designed to leave retailers with bottom line improving ideas and

Principles: The principles of Convenience Directions are Industry veterans who have run large retail companies and understand the demands of the
Convenience Store business. The Convenience Directions program capitalizes on the experience of the partners to bring together a
tremendous recourse for both retailers and suppliers.